Remember your towel!


  Simon ... apparently he's the guy who writes the comic. And apparently a werewolf. And apparently not a very good one. Hilarious antics ensue. We hope.
  "Shirt Gurl" Diana is the official substitute strip artist and, as it turns out, a weremeerkat. She doesn't seem to mind all the antics in the office; if anything, she thrives on the dementia around her.
  Danielle has yet to explain what has made her such a tomboy - we think it's something in the water where she lives. She takes a very aggressive view of life, which shows somewhat in her apparent link to the mysterious Scarlet Ninja.
  Trisha is the perky one of the group. Always chipper and smiling, she wanders the NeTrek studio looking for anything combustible lying around. Let us all hope she never finds any, or we're all doomed.
  Danielle's alter ego, the Scarlet Ninja is always ready to strike out against whatever's bugging her of late. Fear her mighty arsenal of "borrowed" office supplies.
  Dennis is a computer lab aide, a half-wolf shapeshifter, and the newest addition to the NeTrek staff. Using his kitana Angelus, he can show off his skills at guarding people or carving ice sculptures. He also knows a few secrets here and there ...
  Jillian is the American dream in action, having worked her way up from being a cameo to a full-blown staff member. She is also easily excited and has been known to beat the snot out of anything cute or cuddly in a fit of chibi mania.
  Jordan. aka Jay. aka Agent Windrider, werewolf hunter. And Simon's roommate. So far, in his tour of duty at BYU, he's managed to get Simon vaccinated, rid Simon's desk of several annoying knick-knacks, and turn into a cougar on occasion.
  Alisa is an amazing student, a rare female engineering major, a werefox, and (for the purposes of this comic) wildly oblivious. To think she gave me permission to characterize her this way ...
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Just pretend not to notice the feral cougar in the back.