Bring a Towel


So, you have no clue who these lunatics are, eh? Well, don't panic! Here's a little personal info on each of the characters you know, love, or merely saw around the corner once.
The protagonist C. J. Fletcher is a laid-back high school senior and a volunteer at the local hospital. He loves to read, especially humor or adventure, and can't figure out why no one else seems to like techno remixes and classical music as much as he does. He spends a lot of time online under the screen name "Sijei".
The like interest Kara Thomson is usually sweet, innocent and unassuming. If you tick her off, that's another story entirely. Then she can be one of the most surprisingly aggressive fighters you'll ever face. Her mild crush on Sijei only complicates things worse.
The maladroit 7|20|\|1 (say it "Trony") is a translation droid with a serious defect: he only speaks English and l33T, so his services aren't wanted anywhere. A small accident set off his powerful proximity curse, so he cannot move more than 30 paces from Sijei. He's resigned to it now, though.
The magic one VanaRo, Professional Wicked Sorceress for Hire, has had to spend waaay too long living with the elves of Landoria and is eager for a break. As luck would have it, this break arrived in the form of Sijei, Kara, and Trony.
The . . . er . . . Sijei accidentally created Feronani, his crazed fairy godmother. Her fierce devotion to her sudden godson can lead to some serious problems, including frank discussions involving large mallets. When Feronani's around, watch your back, front, valuables . . . well, at least keep an eye on her.
The cute one Oh my GOSH IT'S A SPOILER!!!!1!
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With a cast like this, who needs enemies?